Russia's Su-35 Might Have a Secret Way to Shoot Down an F-22 Raptor

The F-22’s basic challenge was to integrate stealth, supercruise, highly integrated avionics and agility into an aircraft with a longer range than the one it was to replace, the F-15 Eagle. It was also to have twice the reliability of the F-15 and half the support requirements. Although in practice, the F-22’s mission availability has risen over the last few years to being close to that of the F-15, but its support requirement is over 50 percent higher.

The Army Has Over 100,000 'New' M4A1 Rifles. This Is What They Can Do.

Within the last few years, the Army did conduct a “market survey” with which to explore a host of additional upgrades to the M4A1; These previous considerations, called the M4A1+ effort, analyzed by Army developers and then shelved. Among the options explored by the Army and industry included the use of a “flash suppressor,” camoflauge, removable iron sights and a single-stage trigger, according to numerous news reports and a formal government solicitation.

The Army's Biggest Fear: Fighting a War Against North Korea (Underground)

Subterranean operations often deny soldiers analog or digital communications, unmanned reconnaissance and ambient light — degrading situational awareness and blocking sensors that would allow U.S. troops to otherwise peer through obscurants. Line-of-sight radio connectivity is often compromised.

U.S. Army war planners and weapons developers have been increasing efforts to fast-track networking technologies for soldiers operating underground in tunnel complexes and in dense urban environments.