About the Buzz

Journalists and pundits aren't subject to the formal peer review of scholarly quarters. But more than ever, their work is constantly judged by the court of public opinion. And now it all happens in real time, a few taps away from a tweet or a blog post.

To help you sort through the daily deluge of op-eds, essays and blogs, The National Interest offers herewith a daily media monitor. The Buzz notes pieces worth your attention—but it also casts a critical eye on them. Following a brief summary of its merits or faults, each item is rated to describe its contribution to the discourse: Smart, Notable, Mixed Bag, Flawed, and for the piece that elicits the ultimate rebuke, Howler.

The Buzz is a smart aggregator—one that retains the realist sensibility you know from print and the web—and focuses it on the daily discourse. Bookmark The Buzz for a taste of that unique TNI perspective every day.