Articles by Daniel Byman

Containing Syria's Chaos

Washington should focus on more than just the Islamic State. It should also work to contain the violence in Iraq and Syria to prevent it from spilling over into the wider Middle East.

The Deepening Chaos in Sinai

A security vacuum in the Egyptian peninsula has created a dangerous haven for terrorists and all sorts of illicit actors.

Daniel BymanKhaled Elgindy

A Modest Post-Assad Plan

Should Assad fall, the ensuing chaos and difficulty will be immense, and calls will rise for U.S. humanitarian intervention. Ambitious initiatives likely will fail, but compelling arguments can be made for going in small.

Daniel BymanRenanah Miles

The Salafi Awakening

In the wake of Egypt’s revolution and subsequent elections, Westerners have focused on the Muslim Brotherhood. But the Egyptian Salafis, more fundamentalist than the Brotherhood, bear watching as well.

Daniel BymanZack Gold

Latter-Day Sultans

Armed with pitch-perfect talking points for the Facebook generation, a clique of fortunate sons in the Middle East is set to take over their fathers' sclerotic dictatorships. But this is not regime change. Monarchy is back.

Daniel Byman

Rogue Operators

Think that state sponsors of terror are pulling all the strings? Think again. Countries like Iran and Syria may play a big role in the terrorism underworld, but they’re quickly losing control over rogues that bite the hands that once fed them.

Daniel Byman

Listing our Terror Problems

As Pakistan cuts deals with radical tribal leaders, the best thing the United States can hope for is that the situation in Afghanistan only becomes worse, not a disaster. What the United States needs to do about state sponsors of terrorism.

Keeping the Lid On

The negative effects of an Iraqi civil war can be mitigated, even if the conflict itelf cannot be quelled.

Daniel BymanKenneth M. Pollack

The No-Win Zone

War in Lebanon highlights the lack of options, and victors, in the Middle East.

Daniel BymanSteven N. Simon

Scoring the War on Terrorism

The United States has made considerable--even surprising--progress in defeating a skilled and vast enemy. Nevertheless, the job is far from complete.

Daniel Byman