Articles by Jacob Heilbrunn

Swiftboating Obama

The same man who succeeded in “Swiftboating” John Kerry in 2004 is now trying to do the same to Barack Obama. But will the charges stick?

Assessing Aleksandr

No one is disputing Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s moral courage or creative talent, but his foreign-policy pronouncements left much to be desired.

Obama the Sophisticate

Obama might not have solved the world’s problems, but he did thwart McCain’s attempts to label him as a foreign-policy naïf. But can Obama actually deliver what he is promising?

Obama at the Gate?

There’s a brouhaha brewing in Germany over Obama’s foreign-policy visit. The presidential candidate is getting ready for a big trip to Europe and the Middle East to shore up his foreign-policy resumé. But is he really just showing his naïveté?

Homo Neoconus

Everyone knows about Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. But what about their intellectual godfather? A look at the original democracy-promoting liberal defense hawk, JFK and LBJ advisor Walt Rostow.

Jacob's Jottings: Blackballed

There have long been whispers that a terrorist attack would help John McCain’s presidential chances—and they’re now being repeated in the press. Yet the truth is that were one to occur, things could go either way.

A Letter From Berlin

After the debacle of the Iraq War and the Guantánamo scandal, Germans are not so much opposed to America as indifferent to it, says senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn writing from Berlin.

Race-And Foreign Policy

On Tuesday Barack Obama said that America needs to move beyond racial accusations and start finding solutions. Would he extend that same pragmatism to foreign policy?

Jacob's Jottings: Blog Wars

As Republicans fall into line behind presumptive nominee John McCain on foreign policy, Democrats continue to cut each other down. The setting for this epic battle? The blogosphere.

NIE Madness

2005: Tehran is building a nuclear weapon. 2007: Maybe not. History shows that it’s probably best to take the latest National Intelligence Estimate with a grain of salt.