By Dov S. Zakheim

Libya has already cost American taxpayers over $1 billion. And that's just the beginning.

2000 Syrians dead. 13,000 detained. 3000 "disappeared." How much longer can the U.S. ignore Assad's massacre?

Reform has come quietly and peacefully to Morocco. Mubarak and Ben Ali should have followed King Mohammed's lead.

Top Western achievements in Libya: stoking a revenge-fueled blood feud and entrenching North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs.

To disagree with Senators McCain and Graham is not to preach isolationism. It is high time that "realism" stopped being a dirty word.

The first revolution ousted Mubarak. The second will get rid of Washington.

The frightening implications of failure in Afghanistan.

The U.S. should terminate this costly exercise in do-goodism once and for all.

The Assads may fall. The Alawis are here to stay.  

Obama's latest personnel changes are sensible and predictable—with one major exception.

No strategy for dispatching Qaddafi. No knowledge of the rebels. No plan for reconstruction. Welcome to the Libyan intervention.

Forget "support." The United States will have to be at the front of the Libya operation. But it must resist the urge to undertake open-ended adventures. And above all: no nation building.

Washington is not world's policeman and regime changer. 

Don't expect the Egyptian military to let calls for democracy run amok.

China's new stealth fighter is causing a fuss for good reason.

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April 17, 2014