By Akiva Eldar

The new E-1 settlement area puts Obama in a bind. Will he fight back or acquiesce?

The region boils over when left unwatched.

The merger between Israel's main right-wing parties could cost seats in the Knesset. What's the prime minister thinking?

Netanyahu's UN speech about Iran was delivered in front of the world but meant only for Israelis. 

The Israeli leader's intransigence is not ultimately about Iran.

How Israel's policies toward non-Jews within its borders are nourishing anti-Semitism outside of them.

Social-justice protests over settlement and budget policies threaten to rip apart Israeli society.

The conscription controversy was merely a pretext. Why Netanyahu's coalition actually crumbled.

Wealthy Americans should stop meddling. Israel's national interests should not be up for auction.

Geography and demography now trump democracy in Israel. The country pays lip service to the two-state solution while steadily appropriating the land it wants in the occupied territories.

The remaining Egyptian presidential candidates have one thing in common: they will make Israel's life harder.

Israel's new unity government shouldn't be a surprise. Bibi is pursuing familiar ends through novel means.

Sanctions won't work. A military attack won't work. But there is one way to keep Iran—and the region—WMD free.

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April 20, 2014