After the Miracle: Can South Africa Be a Normal State?

South Africa today, to paraphrase Marx, is haunted by a specter: the specter of the rest of Africa. This ghost hovers not only over whites, and over investors who are influenced by them, but over blacks as well.

Issue: Spring 1997

The lessons of history are sometimes learned as much from what did
not happen as from what did. Thus a historian on a slow day might ask
himself what would have happened if Nelson Mandela, on taking office,
had denounced his opponents and then taken draconian measures against
them. What if Mandela had gone on to seize their lands, remove their
rights of citizenship, ban them from certain occupations, and levy
fines and heavy taxes upon them? What if, following such actions, a
million whites, including most of those prominent in government,
business, and the bureaucracy, had fled South Africa?

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