Ahead of the Curve: Countdown for Kosovo

United Nations special envoy Marrtti Ahtisaari introduced his plan for Kosovo to Serbian and Kosovar leaders over the weekend. In the Spring 2006 issue of The National Interest Tim Potier addressed how Washington should approach the delic

Issue: Spring 2006

Through the 1975 Helsinki Act, freezing borders was designed for a Cold War Europe divided between two superpowers; it remains a good principle, but we may need to prepare for exceptions to the rule. Managing the world is never easy. Washington will have to prioritize its dealings with Europe's territorial conflicts. Putting some disputes on the backburner can allow for workable compromises to emerge over time, leading to a better peace than might be achieved with time pressures. In addition, U.S. officials will have to carefully consider the broader effects of any given resolution, not only on other ongoing conflict-negotiations, but also on the interests of other important powers that America cooperates with over a broad range of issues.

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