Bridging Centuries: Fin de Siecle All Over Again

While one might wish that the voters would show more interest in such foreign policy issues as Bosnia, Iraq, or Korea, and object to the tendency to reduce all foreign policy to trade policy, it has to be conceded that there is a certain short-ran

Issue: Spring 1997

"The scale on which events have shaped themselves [since 1895] has dwarfed the episodes of the Victorian Era. Its small wars between great nations, its earnest disputes about superficial issues, the high, keen intellectualism of its personages, the sober, frugal, narrow limitations of their action, belong to a vanished period. The smooth river with its eddies and ripples along which we then sailed, seems inconceivably remote from the cataract down which we have been hurled and the rapids in whose turbulence we are now struggling." --Winston Churchill, describing the passage from the last century, from the vantage point of 1938.

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