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Daniel W. Drezner and Megan McArdle respond to David Frum’s take on the blogosphere. James Joyner and James G. Poulos look at whether NATO insiders have their predictions of the alliance’s demise right.

Issue: Mar-Apr 2008
So when we talk about the antagonism that has arisen between bloggers and the FPC, we are really talking about liberal bloggers and the Democratic half of the FPC. This is a family feud, one that bears more than a passing resemblance to the great Democratic schism over Vietnam.

-David Frum
"Foggy Bloggom"
Jan./Feb. 2008


AS SOMEONE who has a foot in both the blogosphere and the foreign-policy community, I feel compelled to highlight a few errors in David Frum's "Foggy Bloggom" (Jan./Feb. 2008).

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