Destroying South Africa's Democracy: USAID, the Ford Foundation and Civil Society

For however delightful and heroic a man Mandela is, and no matter how utterly justified his movement's struggle has been, one should not be blinded to the problems with his party.

Issue: Fall 1998

As the new South Africa interacts with the United States, there are times when one has to pinch oneself to be sure that the things one sees are really happening. South Africa was doubtless the only industrialized country where a majority of the population saw O.J. Simpson as a hero and greeted his not guilty verdict with rapture; Simpson's lawyer, Johnny Cochran, naturally rushed out here to star on the chat shows. American consular officials proudly posed with him in apparent celebration of the verdict, before Cochran was led away to watch a sheep noisily slaughtered in his honor, African-style.

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