Making the Grade: From A to F, How the U.S. Measures Up in its Struggle Against Global Extremism

The results are in. Did the United States pass the test? Leading terrorism experts hand in their marks on U.S. efforts.

Issue: Mar-Apr 2008

Grade Key
A-Superior Success
B-Important Gains
C-Muddling Through
D-Losing Meaningful Ground
F-Red Flag Alert

I. Combating Islamic Extremist Terrorism
Overall Grade: D+

 Al-Qaeda headquarters


 Al-Qaeda affiliated groups (e.g., Jemaah Islamiyah & Lashkar-e-Taiba)


 Al-Qaeda seeded groups (e.g., London & Madrid bombing culprits)


 Al-Qaeda inspired groups (e.g., Hofstad Network & JFK Airport attack plotters)




II. Improving U.S. & Coalition Counterterrorism Capabilities
Overall Grade: C+

 Reforming intelligence capabilities


 Improving law-enforcement capabilities


 Transforming military capabilities


 Improving money-tracking capabilities


 Cooperation & coordination between branches of government


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