Responses to Mallaby

Chalmers Johnson, Martin Feldstein and Francis Fukuyama

Issue: Summer 1998

Chalmers Johnson:

Sebastian Mallaby's screed is the mirror image of what Moscow's old Marx-Lenin Institute used to do - try to convince people that, in Mallaby's words, "the tide of history is flowing in the West's [conversely, the Soviet's] favor." Like his magazine, The Economist of London, Mallaby is an ideologist for the economic system that exists at least formally in the United States, Britain, and some other English-speaking countries (places that he and his fellow defenders of the faith like to call "the West" in their metaphysical writings). Just as the biggest problem for Mallaby's predecessors at Pravda was to find evidence of proletarian immiseration in the democracies, the biggest problem for the American triumphalists is to explain East Asia in ideologically acceptable terms.

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