The CIA Vindicated: The Soviet Collapse Was Predicted

The intelligence community did not fail to predict the Soviet collapse.

Issue: Fall 1995

"The CIA failed in its single, overriding defining mission, which was
to chart the course of Soviet affairs."
--Daniel Patrick Moynihan,
Quoted by Bill Gertz, Washington Times, May 21, 1992.

"The CIA [has] come under legitimate attack from President Clinton
for failing to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union."
Kondracke, Washington Times, April 26, 1995.

"The CIA itself did not make much difference in the ultimate outcome
of the cold war. Its analysts misjudged almost every major
development in the post-World War II world, including the most
spectacular misjudgment of all--the flat-out failure to predict the
collapse of the Soviet Union."
--David Wise, Nightmover: How Aldrich
Ames Sold the CIA to the KGB for $4.6 Million (1995).

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