No Budget: America's Government Shuts Down - TNI's Best of the Web 10/1

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What you need to know for Tuesday 10/01:

The Hill - Government shuts down as lawmakers miss funding deadline

CNBC - 800,000 out of work as US government shuts down

Politico - Washington wakes to shutdown

From the article: “Washington awoke Tuesday in a state of disbelief and deep political uncertainty, with the federal government closed for the first time since “Mr. Holland’s Opus” was in theaters and Netscape was a popular Internet browser.

The last round of legislative clashes that precipitated the shutdown ended after midnight, when the GOP-held House named members of a conference committee to negotiate a spending bill with the Senate. But the Democratic Senate has consistently said it will not negotiate changes to the Affordable Care Act — the central Republican demand — and adjourned earlier in the evening.”

The Wall St. Journal - Government Shuts Down as Congress Misses Deadline: “Senate Rejects House Bill to Delay Part of Health Law; Obama Gives Notice to Workers”

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Washington Post - In Shutdown Blame Game, Democrats and Republicans United: It’s the Other Side’s Fault