Fretting on Hearts, Minds and Petraeus

When they’re not obsessed with the Ground Zero mosque or Iran, bloggers are talking about Afghanistan-Pakistan. David Rieff analyzes how corruption in Pakistan and across the globe is killing U.S. efforts to combat terror through foreign aid, and Andrew Exum notes that Islamabad’s bad reputation may be “causing international donors to keep their pocketbooks closed” as it asks for donations to help recover from horrendous flooding. Rieff is dismayed, but not surpised, at the likelihood that General Petraeus’s recent media foray will overshadow warnings about the aid issue. And speaking of the general, Jim Joyner joins David Rothkopf and folks at Crooks and Liars in voicing their (varying degrees of) dismay over Petraeus’s comments that appeared to set the stage for delaying U.S. troop withdrawals.