Jacob Heilbrunn

The Plot to Get Dominique Strauss-Kahn

 The knives are being sharpened for Dominique Strauss-Kahn—DSK, as he is known in France. Poor fellow! He forgot that he has numerous enemies out to traduce his reputation, destroy his career, leave everything he has worked for—the $3,000 luxury suite, the Porsches—in shambles.

Is Tony Kushner Bad for Israel?

 What constitutes acceptable criticism of Israel? This question has assumed an increasing importance over the past decade. The default mode of Israel's defenders on the right has been to allege that when X says something critical of Israel, he or she is anti-Israel or even an anti-Semite.

Germany's Memory of the Holocaust: the Eichmann Case

 The banality of evil, a phrase popularized by the political philosopher Hannah Arendt, has never seemed all that convincing. It represents an attempt to drain the emotion out of evil, to portray the Nazis as mechanical automatons carrying out the murder of the Jews from behind their desks with clinical, detached efficiency.