Paul Pillar

An Imposed Israeli-Palestinian Solution

After a brief, feckless detour aimed at getting a three-month pause in the decades-long process of unilateral Israeli colonization of occupied and disputed territory, the United States, the Palestinians, and Israel have eased back into a familiar and ineffective routine. George Mitchell has packed his bags again and on Monday started yet another round of listening to the two protagonists talking at, or past, each other.

What the Attack on Charles and Camilla Means

The attack by student protesters Thursday evening in London on a limousine carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, offers some broader conclusions. None of them are, as some commentary has suggested, that we are on the verge of a new era of protest with students in the vanguard. My alternative lessons:

The Albert Haynesworth of the Middle East

This week, the powers that be in Washington gave up on two bad ideas. In one, management of the Redskins football team suspended for the remainder of the season its talented but troublesome defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, ending his playing time in Washington less than two years after the team lavished on him the most expensive contract for a defensive player in league history.

Military Success Doesn't Buy Happiness

A new poll of Afghans, sponsored by the Washington Post, ABC, the BBC, and ARD television of Germany, encapsulates much of what is happening in the war in Afghanistan and indirectly in debate and deliberations back here about the war. This is a counterinsurgency, after all, and in a counterinsurgency popular opinion is not just a reflection of the war; it is a large part of what the war is about.