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Indonesia's De-Radicalization Blueprint

The picture of Sunakim (alias Afif) reloading his gun while maneuvering with an expression of menacing intent will be an enduring image of the Jakarta attack in mid-January.

Having served five years of a seven-year sentence for attending a jihadi training camp in northern Sumatra in 2010, the West Java native was released from prison less than six months before his involvement in the deadly assault in Central Jakarta.

The U.S. Navy’s Bold Plan to Unite F-35s With Refueling Drones

The Pentagon has ordered the U.S. Navy to convert its Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) aircraft into a robotic ship-based aerial refueling tanker. The new unmanned tanker program is the Navy’s solution to extend the range of its carrier air wings to strike deep inside heavily defended airspace—such as sites in Russia, China and elsewhere deep within Eurasia.

America's Master Plan to Turn India Into an Aircraft Carrier Superpower

Anyone who has been watching the United States try to pull off its much discussed “pivot” or “rebalance” to Asia knows one thing: The challenges of the day, from Russian moves in Eastern Europe and Syria to the threat of ISIS—or even just the steady stream of non-Asia-Pacific problems—always seem to get in the way. However, we must give President Obama credit where credit is due. U.S.

Conservatives Don’t Need a ‘Republican Barack Obama’

Sen. Ben Sasse issued some tough love today at the Conservative Policy Summit in Washington, D.C.: Electing a Republican president, he said, won’t solve America’s problems.

“The idea that a ‘strong man’ can save us isn’t true,” Sasse (R-NE), said. “What America needs is a constitutional recovery, not a Republican Barack Obama.”