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The U.S. Navy’s Elite VFA-195 Dambusters in Action

Lone among the U.S. Navy’s mighty Nimitz-class carriers, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)—and its accompanying air wing CVW-5—is forward deployed in Japan to maintain America’s presence in the Western Pacific. The massive carrier and its escorts serve as a deterrent to would-be adversaries in the region, which include Russia, China and North Korea.

Russia’s Dysfunctional Defense Industry Needs Urgent Reform

Despite Russia’s defense budget sequestration, ranging from 5 to 10 percent depending on the source, the political-military leadership continues to put a brave face on meeting the expectations generated by its fantastically ambitious rearmament plans to 2020. The Kremlin, no doubt buoyed by the performance of the Russian Armed Forces in seizing Crimea and during ongoing military operations in Syria, has much to boast about concerning progress toward a high-tech, compact and modern military.

This is What it’s Like to be on the ISIS Kill List

Waleed Basyouni is trying to take something good from the fact that the Islamic State terrorist group has specifically targeted him for death.

In the twisted way in which the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, views the world, Basyouni says he would not be considered a threat to the terrorists if he wasn’t doing something right.

“I have a long history with these jihadist groups speaking very vocally against them,” Basyouni, a Houston imam, told The Daily Signal.

U.S. Navy SEAL Killed in Heroic Battle Against ISIS

Navy SEAL Charles Keating was killed in a large-scale, intense firefight with ISIS after a surprise offensive wherein enemy fighters broke through the front lines held by U.S. Coalition Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

“This was a large fight. We think there were at least 125 enemy fighters in this coordinated, complex attack,” Col. Steve Warren, Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told reporters.

Revealed: Inside the U.S. Navy’s Lethal Virginia-class Attack Submarines

Early discussions about increasing production of Tomahawk-armed Virginia-Class submarines are underway as the Navy and lawmakers look for ways to more quickly deliver new high-tech attack submarines to the force, Congressional sources told Scout Warrior.

The discussions, involving lawmakers and senior members of the Navy, are still very preliminary and in the early stages. The possibility being considered includes the prospect of building more Virginia-Class submarines per year – instead of the amount called for by the current ship-building plan.