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Why Japan's Crazy World War II Kamikaze Suicide Torpedoes Never 'Hit the Target'

By 1944, Japan was facing defeat in Pacific War. It had lost the technological edge it possessed over U.S. ships and aircraft in 1941 and 42, and a great portion of its veteran pilots and seamen had perished in the Battles of Midway and the Solomon Islands. Unable to train quality replacement crews for its outgunned forces, the Japanese military began forming shimbu-tai (special attack units) to launch suicide attacks on Allied ships.

Northrop Grumman Has Some Serious Plans for America's AEGIS Missile Defense System

The Navy is accelerating work on an emerging multi-function phased array radar able to perform multiple functions simultaneously and perform automatic tracking and detection.

The Navy’s AN/SPY-1 can also track more than 100 targets, developers said.

The maritime weapons system received another financial boost yesterday when the Navy awarded Northrop Grumman a $15 million contract to support the Aegis combat system. Services include engineering, computer programming, and other post-event analyses for the numerous ships that sport Aegis.

The Shocking Secret Why America's Aircraft Carriers Dominate the World's Oceans

Naval aviation is an inherently dangerous business, but over the course of more than 75 years, through robust procedures, rigorous training and continuous practice, the U.S. Navy has honed its carrier flight deck operations into a well-oiled machine. Accidents do happen, but the Navy is continually working on improving flight deck safety. Every time there is a mishap, the accident is investigated so that procedures can be refined to prevent a recurrence.

Report: China's Military Is Growing Super Powerful by Stealing America's Defense Secrets (Like the F-35)

China has gained military benefits in recent years from stealing defense secrets through industrial and cyber espionage carried out by its intelligence services, according to a US congressional report.

“In recent years, Chinese agents have extracted data on some of the most advanced weapons and weapons systems in the US arsenal, such as jet fighters and unmanned submersible vehicles,” states the annual report of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, released on November 16.

Are Donald Trump and China Destined to Clash Over Taiwan (And More)?

President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning phone call with Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen has overturned decades of US diplomatic protocol when it comes to the thorny cross-Strait issue. The reaction of many analysts and media commentators has been negative, pointing to the risks of upsetting the US-Sino relationship, undoubtedly the most consequential for stability in the Asia–Pacific.