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How the British Army is Trying to Give Its Tanks 'Shields'

Britain has announced that it will be developing active protection systems to defend its armored vehicles from antitank rockets.

Russia and Israel already use active protection systems, or APS, to defend their armor, and the United States is now evaluating them. Britain, whose armor force has been somewhat neglected in recent years, is now joining the party.

How North Korea's Crazy Commandos Tried to Kill South Korea's President

Recently the South Korean defense minister caused a stir when he announced the military was forming a “decapitation unit” of airborne special operators to target Kim Jong-un in the event of a conflict. While Seoul has long been exploring such a contingency, its prominent public airing is undoubtedly meant as a pressure tactic to cause Kim to reconsider how he might best ensure his own survival.

Could South Korea's Army Stop an Invasion by North Korea?

In the last seventy years, the Republic of Korea Army (ROK Army) has evolved from a constabulary force into one of the largest, most powerful, technologically advanced armies in the world. This remarkable evolution is entirely due to the original 1950–53 invasion and war by neighboring North Korea. This existential threat has never truly gone away, with North Korea consistently threatening—and preparing for—a second, successful invasion.

Operation Ginny: How Nazi Germany Crushed America during a Secret World War II Raid

The three rubber dinghies struggled through the rough surf in the pitch black night toward an inhospitable stretch of rocky beach. The cliff rose almost straight up from ocean’s edge. The mission commander realized his team had landed in the wrong place, but there was no time to hunt for the correct landing area. The mission would have to start from here. This mistake was just one of many as Operation Ginny unfolded to its final tragedy.