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Explained: How to Save Syria and Destroy the Islamic State

The anti-Assad states of the region say it is US leadership they have lacked and desperately want. We should give it to them. By so doing we can help Syria’s large, unarmed, and fearful majority navigate around the deadly shoals of sectarianism, and thereby save their country. Syria is a cradle of civilization, not a cow to be milked and ultimately butchered by a clan or a caliph or the adherents of Al-Qaeda. If Washington is serious about destroying ISIL, it will build, lead, and implement a regional strategy to promote legitimate Syrian governance. It is simply too important a task to leave entirely to others. 

Frederic C. Hof is a Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East where this piece first appeared

Image: Creative Commons 2.0.