No Sacrifices in Afghanistan

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Asia for a two-week-long trip. She’ll first stop in Hawaii to meet with her Japanese counterpart and give a speech. Then it’s off to Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia and American Samoa.

Before she left, Clinton spoke at a UN Security Council debate on women and security. The secretary of state said that involving women in peacemaking is a “necessary global security imperative” and vowed that Washington would not accept a peace in Afghanistan that hurt women’s rights: “No peace that sacrifices women's rights is a peace that we can afford to support.” Clinton also spoke out against this year’s mass rape of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs echoed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithners weekend statements about exchange rate policies. He said that “China must move” on reevaluating its currency, and that has been clearly communicated to Beijing.

And Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said yesterday that Wikileaks has more documents than it has let on. Last week, the site released almost 400,000 documents about Iraq. Then there was it's July release of 70,000 about Afghanistan. And the Defense Department is getting ready for more to be made public. Meanwhile, a study into the Pentagon’s security systems and information distribution that Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered is coming to a close. Gates is already reviewing some of the study’s recommendations so that these situations can potentially be avoided in the future.