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Russia's Master Plan to Crush the Pentagon's Third Offset Strategy

Notably, project like the gargantuan Lider-class nuclear-powered destroyer or new aircraft carriers are not on the list. That is because while the Kremlin’s state-owned media often focuses on outlandish propaganda, the authors note that Russian professional journals provide accurate information about Moscow’s strategies. Meanwhile, Western analysts and media generally ignore such information—possibly due to the language gap.

“It is important to understand the differences between the Russian defence policies as portrayed in the Russian mainstream media, the Russian defence policy described in the West, and the real Russian defence policy,” wrote the authors. “These three phenomena largely exist in three different universes, and are barely related to each other. The defence technology and military build-up programmes, which in reality will define the future Russian military and shape the strategic balance in the areas surrounding Russia, are almost never secret; they are well described in the statements by Russian defence industry officials and professional publications of the Russian defence experts. These programmes, however, are rarely given attention and consideration in the publications of the Russian mainstream media, which tends to focus on the high profile, but mostly unrealistic weapons concepts. These are mostly ignored in the West, where the prevailing perceptions portray Moscow as a resurgent global power that will challenge the United States and the West on all fronts worldwide.”

Ultimately, the Kremlin seems to be pursuing a relatively sensible strategy, given Russia’s technical and material resources.

Dave Majumdar is the defense editor for The National Interest. You can follow him on Twitter: @davemajumdar.

Image: Poter.Simon via Flickr