The Replacements

The buzz continues around Larry Summers' replacement. Though Summers was expected to step down from his post as director of the National Economics Council after two years in the post, the White House is still having trouble choosing a successor. Roger Altman, who was a deputy Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, is one of the front-runners along with Yale's president, Richard Levin. But some rumors have it that Gene Sperling is in the lead. He's currently an adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and actually held the head NEC position during the Clinton administration. 

And the Council on Pakistan Relations, a Pakistani lobby, is pressing the administration to quickly find a replacement for late special envoy Richard Holbrooke. In a letter to President Obama, the group acknowledged that Holbrooke would be tough to replace, but added that "the need for a new mediator to deal with the tensions in Afghanistan and Pakistan is most pressing."