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TNI’s Best of the Web For 9/16

Starting today, TNI’s Managing Editor, Harry Kazianis, will select the day’s top foreign policy, national security, and defense articles for your reading pleasure. From the latest crisis in Syria or the Middle East, to China’s rise, to important matters of U.S. foreign policy, TNI has you covered.

What you need to know for Monday 9/16:

Foreign Policy: John McCain Will Attack Vladimir Putin in the Pages of Pravda

Foreign Affairs: Open Source, Open World - “In the late 1960s, technology companies realized that they could sell the programs that they had been giving away with their computers. For software developers, though, that was a betrayal of their field's values: collaboration and sharing. Here's how the technologists have worked to bring those principles back.”

The Washington Post: U.N. Inspectors Find ‘Convincing’ Evidence of Chemical Attack Outside Damascus

The New York Times: South Korean Troops Kill Man Trying to Cross Border

The Washington Post: How the United States, Russia Arrived at Deal on Syria’s Chemical Weapons

CNN: Japan Shuts Down Last Nuclear Reactor -- For Now