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TNI's Best of the Web 9/21

Starting this week, TNI’s Managing Editor, Harry Kazianis, will select the day’s top foreign policy, national security, and defense articles for your reading pleasure. From the latest crisis in Syria or the Middle East, to China’s rise, to important matters of U.S. foreign policy, TNI has you covered.

What you need to know for Saturday 9/21:

New York Times: Saudi Arabia's Proxy War

Washington Post: Debt fight poses risks for Obama and Republicans “Showdowns over spending and Obamacare are likely to shape the political climate for 2014 as the House sets up a confrontation with the White House and congressional Democrats that could lead to a partial shutdown.”

Foreign Policy: Sliding Toward Damascus - "How Syria's civil war crept into the heart of Baghdad -- then went boom."

World Politics Review: U.S. Paying the Price for Taking Brazil for Granted

Foreign Affairs: Bo Behind Bars? “Former Chinese politician Bo Xilai is expected to be sentenced for corruption this weekend."