TNI's Special 9/11 Coverage

In the ten years since 9/11, the United States has fought its way through Afghanistan to Iraq and into Pakistan. Massive homeland-security infrastructure was built and the mastermind behind the attacks was killed. Now on, leading foreign-policy thinkers share their insights on the last decade, from the future of al-Qaeda and the state of our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the attacks' lasting effects on American policy. Check back often for updated coverage.

The Next Ten Years of Al-Qaeda by Zalmay Khalilzad

The United States is safer than it was before 9/11. But safer does not mean safe.

What Bin Laden Hath Wrought by Dov Zakheim

Two wars. Over a trillion dollars. Countless lives. Ten years on and the losses keep mounting.

Terror's Slippery Slope by Dimitri K. Simes and Paul J. Saunders

America has much to be proud of in its response to 9/11. Continuing to move forward will require vigilance and restraint.

The Pretend Fix by Paul Pillar

Americans needed a catharsis. What they got was a bungled “reorganization” and a host of new problems.

Obama, 9/11 and the Group that Shall Not Be Named by Trevor Thrall

Playing politics on the anniversary of a tragedy.

Afghanistan, a Decade after 9/11 by Malou Innocent

The top three things Washington needs to realize about the Afghan war—before it's too late.

The Decade-Long Diversion by Paul Pillar

The greatest damage done by 9/11 is the fault of American policy elites, not terrorist hijackers.

The Zawahiri Era by Michael Scheuer

Meet Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian doctor-turned-jihadist-mastermind—and the new head of al-Qaeda. He will out-terrorize his predecessor. Prepare for the new age of jihad.