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Trump’s Pentagon Expected to Curb Military Ties with China

“These provocations, pressure, fantasies and over-exaggerations will not prevent the normal drills of the Chinese military,” the paper said in a commentary.

“The meddling and disruption of countries from outside the region can only run counter to the consensus of common interests that accords with this region and the world.”

The Chinese also appointed a new PLA naval forces commander, Admiral Shen Jingling to replace outgoing leader Wu Shengli. Shen was commander of the South Sea Fleet – the naval force the Pentagon has blamed for aggressive and provocative military encounters with US warships and aircraft in the South China Sea region.

Other new political appointees in charge of China policy also are expected to be hardliners unwilling to continue the past policies of looking the other way on Chinese military activities that are undermining American security.

This first appeared in AsiaTimes here