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Want to Increase Your Property Values? Try a Nuclear War

“Demand in real estate would plummet in some areas, especially suburbs, and skyrocket in others, notably cities, as people moved nearer to work and stores,” the report concluded. “Such mass movement, even within cities but especially between them, would upset the demographics underlying taxes, schools, and city services.”

But given a full-scale Soviet attack on American cities, there would be a lot more to worry about than plummeting suburban real estate values. As the Institute for Defense Analyses pointed out, this kind of simple theory doesn’t factor whether the area is too radioactive to inhabit, or whether there would be any jobs available.

The survivors might still be relatively wealthier in a morbid sense, but they’d be sitting on the ashes of an industrialized economy—potentially now reverting to a medieval-style society. That’s not a trade-off anyone would want.

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Image: Creative Commons.