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In 2030, the U.S. Army Could Be Waging War With 'Stealth' Helicopters

Bell Helicopter engineers and weapons developers and looking at innovative ways to reduce the radar signature of their new, next-generation V-280 Valor tilt-rotor aircraft slated to be operational by the 2030s.

While developers stop short of calling the new project a “stealth” helicopter, they do acknowledge they are engineering “stealthy” characteristics -- such as infrared (IR) heat suppressing systems and various fuselage contour constructions as a specific way to make the new aircraft less targetable by enemies.

Su-27: This Plane Could Start a War Between Russia and NATO

On June 9, 2017, examples of all three of the U.S. Air Force’s heavy bombers — the swing-wing B-1, the stealthy B-2 and the lumbering B-52 — gathered in international air space over the Baltic Sea for a rare photo-op with allied fighters and patrol planes.

They had a surprise visitor. A Russian air force Su-27 Flanker fighter sidled up to the U.S.-led formation and flew alongside long enough to appear in multiple photos. A few days prior, an Su-27 intercepted a B-52 over the Baltic.

The World's Biggest Submarine: Russia's Monster Sub Could Kill 200 Targets with Nuclear Weapons

The existence of the Akula-class was not widely known and probably would not ever have been but for the novel The Hunt for Red October. Published by Naval Institute Press in 1984, it was the debut novel of military enthusiast and insurance salesman Tom Clancy. Clancy envisioned a modified Akula-class submarine, Red October, whose disillusioned captain and crew were attempting to defect to the United States.

Russia's MiG-35 Is Almost Done with Flight Testing (But There Is a Problem)

RSK-MiG will wrap up flight testing of the new Mikoyan Mig-35 Fulcrum-F fighter before the end of the year.

The company is waiting to finalize a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense before serial production can begin. The Russian Air Force is expected to purchase an initial batch of 24 of the new MiG-29 derivative.

“Factory tests for the MiG-35 aircraft are to be completed this year,” MiG spokesperson Anastasia Kravchenko told the TASS news agency in Dubai.

5 Ways (Think Weapons) Russia Would Crush China in a War

Although an obsolete design, the Bear is still a capable platform for conducting standoff cruise missile attacks. The Bear doesn’t have to get anywhere near Chinese airspace to loose a salvo of up to eight Kh-101 cruise missiles against Chinese targets. The Kh-101 is Russia’s new stealthy, precision-guided conventionally armed cruise missiles with an estimated range of 2,700 to 5,000 kilometers.

5 'Stealth' Reasons the U.S. Military Can't Be Beat on Any Battlefield

Stealth doesn’t just apply to aircraft—submarines have been incorporating stealthy features for decades. Among submarines, the most powerful combination of lethality and stealth is almost certainly the Ohio-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines.

Stealth, or the idea of reducing the ability of the enemy to detect a weapon, has been around since the first caveman sewed a pocket into his clothing and hid a rock in it.