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60 Countries Around the World Go to War with This Gun For 1 Reason

In 1989, the Swedish Army placed the first military order for the Barrett Model M82A1, ordering 100 rifles. In 1990, the U.S. Marine Corps placed an order for 125 M82A1s and the rifles participated in Operation Desert Storm, the campaign to liberate Kuwait. The Marines bought 400 more rifles in the 1990s, and the U.S. Army finally came onboard and purchased the rifle as the M107 in 2002.

The Sneaky Way Russia Could Win a War Against Great Britain

As with landlines, breaks in underwater cables are not uncommon, especially close to shore. But as the New York Times noted in 2015, "what worries Pentagon planners most is that the Russians appear to be looking for vulnerabilities at much greater depths, where the cables are hard to monitor and breaks are hard to find and repair." If anything, the danger is only likely to increase. The proliferation of unmanned underwater vehicles—sea drones—has opened a new horizon of robots that can stealthily and cheaply destroy or eavesdrop on underwater cables.

Navy to Get Second Stealth Destroyer This Month

Much like the lead Zumwalt-class ship, the 2nd is envisioned as a stealthy, multi-mission land and blue-water attack platform armed with long-range precision fires, a wide range of offensive and defensive missiles, faster computer processing speed and an electric drive Integrated Propulsion System with 78-megawatts of on-board electrical power.

Are Purported ‘Sonic Attacks’ at Embassies in Havana an Elaborate Intelligence Operation?

The Canadian government pulled families of diplomats from its embassy in Cuba on April 16, 2018 after 10 Canadians reported symptoms similar to those afflicting Americans on the island. In 2017, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson alleged that a “targeted attack” sickened 24 people at the U.S. embassy — recently downgraded to an “unaccompanied post” with reduced personnel.

What Happens If Taiwan Doesn't Get the F-35?

Washington’s indecision on whether to sell its ace F-35 stealth fighters to Taiwan, despite the latter’s persistent call for more arms deals, is said to be a big letdown not only to Taiwan’s leaders but also to Chinese spies on the island.

Pentagon is concerned that cutting-edge weaponry and defense technology sold to help Taiwan stave off Beijing may eventually end up in the latter’s hands, given the island’s allegedly lax counter-espionage and suspicion that state agencies are infested with Chinese spies.

Did China Just 'Activate' Its Latest Carrier-Killer (or Guam Express) Missile?

The US-led coordinated strikes on Syria last week, in response to the Assad regime’s suspected use of chemical weapons, has given the Chinese military more impetus to develop its own precision airborne strike systems.

The Pentagon once again showcased its highly sophisticated weapons capabilities when targeted missile strikes allegedly crippled Assad’s chemical weapon facilities in the Syrian capital of Damascus and elsewhere.