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Are China and Taiwan Heading Towards Conflict?

Deng Xiaoping once proclaimed that China could wait for 100 years to reunify with Taiwan if necessary. More recently, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin started to articulate that China would not wait forever, but lacked the capacity to back up the implicit threat. While President Xi Jinping has made greater efforts to push for political dialog, what is clear is that he is more confident in resolving the Taiwan issue on Beijing’s terms.

Why the U.S. Military's Unmanned Surface Vehicle Could Be a Game Changer

The Pentagon is engineering high-tech, removable Unmanned Surface Vehicle “kits” designed to change amphibious warfare by delivering combat-relevant supplies, firing weapons, swarming enemies, refueling ships, searching for enemy mines and submarines and dispersing attacking forces to minimize risk from enemy fire.

A key advantage of using remotely-controlled drone ships is that, quite naturally, they can save sailors and marines from being exposed to enemy fire during an attack operation.

Does Russia Have a South China Sea Problem?

At the G20 Hangzhou summit earlier this month, China made clear that Russian president Vladimir Putin was a top guest. Both China and Russia claim that their bilateral relations are the “best ever’ and demonstrate an “unprecedentedly high level of trust.” Putin described the relationships as a “comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration.”

Top 5 Naval Battles and 5 Most Lethal Battleship Battles of All Time

Fighting on the water for trade routes, territory or plain power and glory is as old a concept as there is when it comes to war. 

Naval powers have also used various types of vessels to punish their enemies, from old wooden ships to the steel monsters of the battleship era of years past to aircraft carriers to the smaller but still dangerous cruisers and destroyers of today. 

But if we were to survey history, what were the biggest, most important naval battles in all of history? And, if we wish to be more specific, what are the most important battleship battles as well? 

F-35 Stealth Fighter Tests ‘Aircraft Killer’ Missiles

The AIM-9X is a short-range, heat-seeking precision-guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missile using infrared guidance to track and destroy targets.

The F-35 Lightning II continues to test the AIM-9X air-to-air missile after it destroyed an aerial drone off the Coast of California at a military test range, demonstrating the first "live" air-to-air kill test for the emerging stealth multi-role fighter.  

Congress Needs to Make Army Modernization A Priority

President Ronald Reagan was the individual most responsible for winning the Cold War. His success was based on recognition of a simple fact: Soviet aggression could only be deterred and negotiations with the Kremlin’s leaders conducted successfully if the United States was militarily strong. Reagan framed his conception of the relationship between peace and strength early in his presidency: