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Russia’s Rising Drone Industry

Currently, Russia operates many types of UAVs that tend to be on the smaller side - its "Zastava", "Orlan, "Tachiyon" and other unmanned systems are small platforms used mostly for information gathering, reconnaissance, observation and communication. These are mostly short-range, simple and largely expendable unmanned aerial systems.

Drone Wars: Defeating the Unmanned Threat Will Require A Firestorm Of Energy

The results of the next Offset Strategy are beginning to appear on the world’s battlefields. Unfortunately, it is not the U.S. military that is deploying these capabilities. Instead it is our competitors and adversaries that are exploiting the revolution in unmanned aerial systems or drones to great effect. After action reports out of eastern Ukraine document how the Russian military and their proxy fighters have employed drones to locate concentrations of opposing Ukrainian forces and, in particular, their headquarters and then provide precision target locations for massed indirect fires.

US Navy's Sixth-Generation F/A-XX Fighter: Just a 'Super' Super Hornet?

The United States Navy does not appear to have a coherent plan for how its carrier-based tactical aircraft will operate in the post-2030 threat environment. Sources tell The National Interest that even the Navy’s planned F/A-XX will not solve the service’s challenges in operating in an anti-access/area denial environment (A2/AD) defended by advanced integrated air defenses and a new generation of enemy warplanes.