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Here Comes the New Su-25: Russia's 'Flying Tank' Set for a Lethal Upgrade

The Russian air force is set to begin operational testing of its upgraded Sukhoi Su-25SM3 Frogfoot close air support aircraft this April.

Assuming the modernized jets are approved for fielding, the first operational Su-25SM3 aircraft are expected to enter service before the end of the year. The Russian air force is expected to upgrade more than forty Su-25s at the 121th Aircraft Repair Plant in Kubinka—just outside Moscow.

U.S. Navy Ships Shouldn't Be Floating Billboards for Democrats

The secretaries of the armed services have been losing power ever since the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947. The service secretaries are no longer members of the president’s cabinet and rarely perform more than ceremonial duties. The Secretary of the Navy retains one power, that of naming Navy ships, and he has been abusing that power by converting U.S. ships into floating billboards for the heroes and hacks of the Democratic Party.

The U.S. Army’s Quest For a Lethal New .50 Machine Gun


The Army is creating a new, lightweight version of its iconic .50-cal machine gun designed to better enable Soldiers to destroy enemies, protect convoys, mount weapons on vehicles, attack targets on the move and transport between missions.

The new weapon, engineered to be 20-to-30 percent lighter than the existing M2, will be made of durable, but lighter weight titanium, Army officials said.  

The emerging lightweight .50-cal, described as still in its infancy stage, still needs to be built, riveted and tested. 

China Flexes Its Military Muscles (And America Does Absolutely Nothing)

In the last few days, China has undertaken several new military actions. These include landing a military aircraft on one of their new artificial islands in the South China Sea, a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to a newly established military headquarters, and testing a new ICBM. The purpose is simple: To send messages to the rest of the world:

- China’s inflexible commitment to its territorial claims in the South China Sea, and

- China’s major military reforms which will make it a much more capable opponent

Scarborough Shoal: A Red Line for the Philippine-U.S. Military Alliance?

As U.S. defense secretary Ashton Carter visited the Philippines at the end of the annual Balikatan military exercises between the Philippines and the United States, anxiety was quietly building over the possibility that China would create a new artificial island on Scarborough Shoal, very close to Manila. Such an undertaking would come as the Philippines experiences a transition in political leadership via presidential elections in May.

Revealed: Flying America’s Mighty B-2 Stealth Bomber

Air Force pilots of the 1980s-era stealthy B-2 Spirit bomber plan to upgrade and fly the aircraft on attack missions against enemy air defenses well into the 2050s, service officials said.  

“It is a dream to fly. It is so smooth,” Maj. Kent Mickelson, director of operations for 394th combat training squadron, told Scout Warrior in an interview.