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5 Think Tanks Unveil Latest Fashions In Warfighting

With the Fall fashion season in high gear, five of Washington's best-known think tanks have revealed their views on what's in and what's out in modern warfighting.  Although we tend to associate fashion with the frivolous, in fact styles come and go in every field, including the defense business.  For instance, during the Eisenhower years the latest thing in warfighting was to equip military units at all levels with nuclear weapons.  Today, that "New Look" is very much out of style, but the smart set in military studies is gravitating toward Silicon Valley-inspired ideas such as robotics an

The Simple Reason Why Obamacare Is Dying

President Barack Obama’s speech today will likely highlight the “successes” of Obamacare, but this complex health law—with interlocking parts—is really becoming more like a patient suffering from multi-organ failure.

This year’s feverish health insurance premiums are unlikely to abate. For 2017, the premiums on Obamacare’s individual market are projected to increase by 25 percent on average.

Central planning is the disease.

The One Important Fact About the U.S. Navy's New Stealth Destroyer Everyone Forgets

The U.S. Navy’s new stealthy high-tech destroyer incorporates a range of emerging, not-yet-deployed technologies including new navigation, propulsion, auxiliary systems, computer systems, fire protection and damage control capabilities, service officials said.  

The USS Zumwalt, the first in a series of three next-generation destroyers planned for the fleet, is slated to be operational by 2019.  

On Friday May 20, 2016,  the new ship was formally delivered to the Navy at Bath Iron Works in Portland, Maine.

U.S. Air Force T-X Procurement Needs to Focus on Time as well as Cost

The United States Air Force is badly in need of a new jet trainer. The existing aircraft, the Northrop T-38, was first built in 1961. The average age of the current fleet of some 400 T-38s is over 43 years. The T-38 has already undergone one major, expensive upgrade and service life extension program in the early 2000s and will require another one if not replaced in a timely manner.