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One County Saw a 27% Drop in Assaults After It Helped Enforce Immigration Law

In July 2007, the elected board of a growing county in Northern Virginia adopted a controversial resolution requiring the police department to partner with the federal government to help deport illegal immigrants.

Corey Stewart, the Republican elected the year before as chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, ran on a platform of stricter immigration enforcement during a time of economic anxiety.

The U.S. Army Is Ready to Go to 'War' With What Could Be a Big Weakness

The Army has established a new “Software Solarium” program to discuss and address the growing dependence of tanks, infantry carriers, radios, artillery and other weapons on software improvements.

“No matter what weapon system -- whether you're talking about a tank and the amount code such as software code that’s now resident in our main battle tank or our newest troop carriers -- they're all very software-defined because of the platforms that we've integrated into their systems,”. said Major General Bruce T. Crawford, Commander of Communications Electronics Command (CECOM).

The U.S. Navy's Most Powerful Weapon (Designed to Destroy Whole Countries) Is Getting a Big Upgrade

The Trident II D5, first fired in the 1990s, is an upgraded version of the 1970s-era Trident I nuclear weapon; the Trident II D5s were initially engineered to serve until 2027, however an ongoing series of upgrades are now working to extend its service life. The Navy is modernizing its arsenal of Trident II D5 nuclear missiles in order to ensure their service life can extend for 25 more years aboard the Navy’s nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet, service leaders said. The 44-foot long submarine-launched missiles have been serving on Ohio-class submarines for 25 y

T-34: The Fierce Russian Tank That Crushed Hitler and Won World War II?

The final verdict on the T-34 perhaps is less glowing than the legend that the Soviets weaved around the tank—but is still complimentary. The T-34 tipped the balance in favor of the USSR when it came to armored battle; mass production of the tank outmatched anything the Germans could do when it came to manufacturing.

The T-34 in the hands of determined Soviet tankers routed the Germans at Kursk, the greatest tank battle of all time.

The Super Superpowers: The 7 Most Mighty World Powers of All-Time

What kind of cruel, evil-minded editor would ask any self-respecting scholar to risk all with a list of the top world powers? It’s an assignment fraught with peril, guaranteed to ensure offense to the living and the dead. After all, as President Obama said, “Every nation thinks it’s exceptional.”

And here, the criteria for picking the top contenders can be as ambiguous and debatable as selecting the final four for the NCAA football playoffs. Here’s hoping the ranking system I came up with passes your personal “ha-ha” test.

5 Reasons Donald Trump Should Love the F-35 (Like Containing China)

President Donald Trump is concerned about the costs associated with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But the F-35 is arguably crucial to five Trump Administration priorities.  While working to control costs on the aircraft, the new administration should also consider what this jet can do to help achieve their broader policy goals:

1) Contain China 

2) Encourage allies to "pull their weight"

3) Promote American manufacturing jobs

4) Reduce the large U.S. trade deficit

5) Reduce foreign entanglements