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What a War between Iran and America Would Actually Look Like

The Trump administration appears ready to decertify Iranian compliance with the the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), despite a lack of evidence of Iranian violations. For critics of the JCPOA, this represents a move in the right direction; the goal of U.S. policy should be the end of the Islamic Republic and the overthrow of the existing regime in Tehran.

Is Iran Really Building a Stealth Fighter (Or a Paper Tiger)?

Iran’s indigenous Qaher F-313 fifth-generation stealth fighter is allegedly about to enter serial production, according to a top Iranian military official. However, the reality is that the Qaher F-313—which was widely derided as a hoax when it was first rolled-out in 2013—is likely nothing more than an ill-conceived propaganda ploy.

5 Ways Iran Could Crush Saudi Arabia In a War

With tensions ratcheting up between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the potential for conflict is growing.

While Iranian forces are no match technologically for Riyadh’s lavishly equipped military, Tehran can use what equipment and troops it does have in clever ways to offset that advantage. But sanctions have done serious damage to Iranian forces, so Tehran would have to rely on asymmetric means to take on Saudi Arabia until new hardware like the Russian S-300 missile defense system becomes available.

Here are just a few of the weapons to which Tehran might turn in a war.

China's Undewater Nukes: The Most Dangerous Nuclear Threat No One Is Talking About?

Deployed appropriately, any of the more modern submarines can strike the United States with nuclear missiles. The Type 096 can strike the U.S. from secure areas near China’s coast.  The Pentagon currently believes that China will build around eight SSBNs in total, giving the PLAN the capacity to maintain multiple boats on continuous patrol.  Much depends, however, on whether China shifts its overall nuclear posture from minimal deterrence to active pursuit of secure second strike capability.

Could Iran's Air Force Take on America in a War?

Once one of the largest and most powerful air forces in the world the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) is a mere shadow of its former self. War and decades of crippling sanctions have reduced Iran’s once proud air force to a motley international collection of aging warplanes of questionable value. The long decline of Iranian air power means the country is only minimally capable of securing its own airspace and incapable of standing up to regional rivals, let alone the United States.