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Game Changer: Combining Lockheed Martin's F-35 and AEGIS Missile Defense

The United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps have successfully tested the Lockheed Martin F-35B Joint Strike Fighter with the Naval Integrated Fire Control—Counter Air (NIFC-CA) battle network.

Integrating the stealthy new fighter into the NIFC-CA network will allow the jet to provide over-the-horizon targeting for Aegis cruisers and destroyers to defeat incoming threats. Moreover, the F-35 will be able to provide targeting data to the rest of the fleet from inside a zone defended by advanced Russian or Chinese air defense systems such as the S-400 or HQ-9.

China Is Not Ready to Become a 'Great Power'

For a great power to lead the world there are a few qualities that it should bring to the table. These include, but are not limited to, material strength, an aspiration for recognition, and sufficient international support. Does China currently possess these qualities?

Egypt’s Suez Canal: An Attenuated Lifeline

The Suez Canal has been a lifeline for global commerce and for military power-projection since its inauguration in 1869. For nearly a century, it was the Royal Navy’s vital link to most of the British Empire. Today, it remains a critical enabler of U.S. naval power, increasing the on-station time of American warships and their responsiveness to emerging crises.

Boeing Unveils "Purpose-Built" Air Force Trainer In Must-Win T-X Competition

The Boeing Company today unveiled its entry in the Air Force's T-X program that will acquire at least 350 planes for training the service's future fighter and bomber pilots.  Boeing's offering is not like the trainers being proposed by three other teams.  For starters, it has twin tails that are angled like those of a fifth-generation fighter, rather than the single vertical tail featured on the other entries.  It isn't stealthy, but when you view it head-on, it looks remarkably similar to the profile of planes that are -- most notably the Air Force's F-22 and

The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Fighter Aircraft of All Time

So what are the best and worst fighter aircraft of all time? What plane would you pick for a war in the sky?

On the surface, the questions seem easy to answer. One might look at which planes performed the best in combat as opposed to fighters that did not. Or, one could look at which planes had the best technology, took advantage of historical circumstances, or utilized a combination of the two.

Does America dominate the field of best fighters? What about Russia? Does China get any mentions? Does any one nation have more negative mentions? All good questions.

The Duterte Dilemma (and Why it Matters): China, the US Alliance and Scarborough Shoal

The Philippines’ newly minted president couldn’t have asked for a more high-profile diplomatic debut when he attended this week’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, which saw the participation of the leaders from across the Asia Pacific, including the United States, Japan, China, Russia, and India, along with the secretary-general of the United Nations.

The Obamacare Alternative More Americans Are Turning To

Deirdre Folley is one of more than 600,000 people nationwide who is considered uninsured.

Yet when her daughter suffered a hairline fracture in her leg, requiring visits to an urgent care center, radiologist, and orthopedist, Folley and her family didn’t end up paying anything for the cost of her care even though charges totaled nearly $1,400.

That’s because Folley and her family of four are members of Samaritan Ministries, a health care sharing ministry with members who “share” in the cost of one another’s medical expenses.

US Air Force Helps Seize 6,100 Kilos of Illegal Cocaine

US Air Force bombers, drones and surveillance planes patrolling the Southern hemisphere for operational training wound up helping law enforcement entities and identify 17 illegal drug traffickers and seize thousands of kilos of cocaine, senior service officials told Scout Warrior.

“A little Air Force goes a long way in South America. As a result of the increase in air power, authorities seized 6,100 kilos of cocaine,” Air Force Secretary Deborah James told reporters.