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Why the Fed Needs to Make a Policy Error

One way or another, the Fed’s current policy path will be remembered as a comedy of errors. But what will matter more than the mistakes is whether or not the Fed maintains its credibility. By so consistently telegraphing interest-rate hikes, the Fed has backed itself into a corner. It may be a policy error to continue raising rates at this point, but backing away from higher rates could spark a crisis of confidence, which would be even worse. The Fed is setting up to commit a policy error, and an error may be the best possible outcome now.

Here's Why China's Cyber Strategy Should Have America Worried

Chinese activities in cyberspace regularly garner a great deal of attention. Chinese hackers have been accused of stealing millions of records from U.S. government databases, such as the Office of Personnel Management, as well as various corporations.

But too often, the focus is on the individual attack, rather than understanding the larger context. This leaves us playing whack-a-mole when trying to deal with Chinese cyber espionage efforts.

A Dirty Little Secret: The U.S. Army 'Invented' 5 Fake Countries

It goes without saying that combat training should be as realistic as possible. But realism has its downside. The U.S. Army, for one, wants to be able to prepare to for war against particular countries without announcing to the whole world what it’s doing.

Thus, the American ground-combat branch invents fictional countries as stand-ins for very real potential enemies.

Can’t the U.S. Air Force Be Trusted to Buy a Few Helicopters?

Senator John McCain of Arizona, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wants to blow up the Pentagon’s Under Secretariat for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD AT&L). More specifically, his committee’s writing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 would cleave that office into two new under secretariats, for research and engineering (USD R&E), and management and support (USD M&S).