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In 1943, America Killed Its Own Troops with Poison Gas

What a perfect night for a weapon of mass destruction.

It was December 2, 1943. And the Nazi bomber crews flying over the Italian port of Bari might have wondered whether they were actually in a war zone.

Gleaming below, despite the wartime blackout, was a harbor so brightly lit that it illuminated more than than thirty ships supplying the Allied armies advancing up the Italian peninsula. Aboard those transports were the usual necessities of modern warfare: ammunition, fuel, food, spare parts.

Which Countries Are In North Korea’s Nuclear Cross Hairs?

North Korea regularly threatens nuclear war against the U.S., a country perceived in Pyongyang as the greatest threat to its long-term survival. It is unlikely, however, that the North has developed the long-range missile technology required to strike the continental U.S.

Still, it is working tirelessly to develop a reliable, nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile and may be there in a matter of years.

F/A-18 Super Hornet: The U.S. Military's Next Navy-Killer?

The Navy and Lockheed Martin have now released a next-generation missile from an F/A-18 and are looking at a variant of the LRASM missile that fires from a deck-launcher on a ship.

The Navy has released its emerging Long Range Anti-Ship Missile from an F/A-18 Super Hornet, marking a new milestone in the development of a next-generation, long range, semi-autonomous weapon designed to track and destroy enemy targets - firing from aircraft and ships.

North Korea: Is War Near?

Imagine that you’re on a quest. You’ve journeyed, wearily, for decades. The bones of your dead horses describe a winding trail in the wilderness behind you. You come at last to a cross-roads, from which several paths lead forward. The sole source of navigational guidance is a wizened, monosyllabic stranger. After a series of oblique exchanges, you conclude that along some paths lies the risk of quick death, along others the risk of slow death. None leads to Nirvana.