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The Great South China Sea Cool Down?

In July, the much anticipated Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) decision on the South China Sea was delivered in favor of the Philippines. While Chinese propaganda machines were in full gear denouncing the ruling and the PCA, there is so far no sign that China is overreacting to the ruling. China has also been quite conciliatory towards the new presidential administration in the Philippines.

Who Will Take the Gold Medal in Northrop Grumman's Drone Olympics?

Northrop Grumman conducted a mini-drone Olympic-type competition as a way to further foster innovation within the firm and advance small-drone ISR and attack technology.

The rules were similar to basketball and constructed drones were evaluated according to technical, management and cost criteria.

Four teams, each with multiple vehicles in play at one time, competed to score points by passing and shooting a ball through one of their opponent’s three circular goals, Northrop statements said.

Five Reasons U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Nearly Impossible To Sink

Large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are the signature expression of American military power.  No other combat system available to U.S. warfighters comes close to delivering so much offensive punch for months at a time without requiring land bases near the action.  As a result, the ten carriers in the current fleet are in continuous demand from regional commanders -- so much so that extended overseas combat tours are becoming the norm.