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Surprise: Russia's Lethal T-14 Armata Tank Is in Production

Russia’s T-14 main battle tank—which is part of the Armata family of combat vehicles—is already in production.

While Moscow displayed early developmental models of the new the combat vehicles in public during the 2015 Victory Day parade, most Western analysts had believed that the Armata family was still in its developmental stages. However, according to a top Russian defense industry executive, the Armata family is already in serial production.

China's Greatest Fear: Dead and Buried Like the Soviet Union

Twenty-five years ago, the mighty Soviet Union was finally thrown onto the ash heap of history—never to rise again. And yet, the fall of one of the most powerful empires in human history, we often forget, was never a sure thing. Indeed, looking back just ten years’ time, to 1981, very few people foresaw the demise of the USSR. In fact, many made predictions that it was America who was in for a rough patch in the years to come.

Russian Ballistic Missile Sub Spotted Off French Coast

As tensions between Russia and the West ratchet up, Moscow’s submarine fleet has increased its activity to levels not seen since before the end of the Cold War. Indeed, since the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a Russian ballistic missile submarine has been spotted in the Atlantic near the French coast in the Bay of Biscay, reports the French newspaper L’Obs.

It’s Time We Talked About War With China

Whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull intended it or not, his new Defence White Paper has been widely interpreted as sending a clear message that Australia is willing to join our allies in using armed force if necessary to defend the “rules based global order” from China’s strategic ambitions in Asia. Moreover, most people apparently think that’s a good message to send.

The Festering Leadership Problem in Africa

It is no secret that bad leadership at the top has long been a brake on the economic, political, and social development of certain African countries. Many years the Mo Ibrahim Prize for leadership by an African president who leaves office at the end of his term goes unrewarded. There have been numerous, egregious examples of bad presidential leadership over the past few weeks.