The Buzz

The Droning President

In three years, President Obama has carried out a whopping 239 covert drone strikes. (George W. Bush authorized only forty-four.) But has all this droning done more harm than good?

Moral Bankruptcy on Wall Street

The journalistic categories for The Buzz are smart, notable, mixed bag, flawed and howler. Nothing for “courage.” But that’s a pretty good designation for the New York Times op-ed penned Wednesday by Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm’s United Stated equity-derivative business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At least that was his title until he resigned on the day his Times piece ran.

The Hidden Uganda

Over seventy-five million people have viewed the viral documentary Kony 2012. The YouTube video calls for Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), to be arrested and brought to justice for his war crimes against children. As criticism pours in regarding the oversimplifications of the film (including in The National Interest), a critical piece of local knowledge may still be missing.

The Folly of 'Going Big' in Syria

How do you solve a problem like Syria? Torn between aversion to involvement in another Middle Eastern quagmire and the impulse to halt the horrific violence, many now advocate middle-of-the-road positions. Two such “half-measures” have received the most support: arming Syria’s rebels and creating safe havens for the opposition.

Kidnapping the Truth

The Economist’s latest analysis of Colombia’s FARC makes readers hope they too might be delivered from such naive journalism. “Deliverance?” details the delightful new Colombian era ahead in light of the FARC’s recent pledge to discontinue the kidnappings that have become a hallmark of the guerillas’ operations.

Are U.S.-China Relations Doomed?

The anniversary of Nixon’s historic visit to China calls for somber reflection on the intervening four decades of U.S.-China relations. As Minxin Pei points out over at The Diplomat, Nixon’s “bold gamble” paid off for both parties, but one benefited infinitely more than the other. Without question, “China has gained far more than the United States from the Sino-American strategic relationship.”