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A Horrific Thought: Could Russia and Israel Clash in Syria?

Moscow's intervention in Syria has put Russian forces on Israel's doorstep. Though Israel and Russia have set up a hotline to avoid any conflicts, there remains a possibility--however remote--that Israeli and Russian forces may clash.

It won't be the first time. During the War of Attrition between Israel and Egypt in the early 1970s, Soviet pilots supporting Egypt engaged in dogfights with Israeli jets, only to see the vaunted MiGs blasted out of sky.

Iran’s Treacherous Landscape in Vienna

Iran’s leaders may be pleased about their inclusion in the recent Vienna talks on Syria as a sign of newfound respect from the international community.

The need for such talks in the first place was a reminder, though, of the precarious diplomatic and military position that Tehran still faces in the Levant.

Reviving Détente?

On Capitol Hill yesterday there were echoes of the closing decades of the Cold War in which first détente, then Ronald Reagan’s direct engagement with Mikhail Gorbachev prevailed in Washington’s relationship with Moscow. On Wednesday, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) convened a panel of four experts from the recently re-founded American Committee for East-West Accord, an update on a similarly titled organization established in 1974. The four speakers, with backgrounds in diplomacy, business and academia, set out, in the words of board member and noted Russia expert Stephen F.