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America's New Maritime Strategy: How Will China Respond?

The military services responsible for American seapower (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) recently released their new maritime strategy, entitled “Forward, Engaged, Ready: A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower.”  The reviews thus far have been positive, with most analysts praising the specificity of the document, as compared to its 2007 predecessor, as well as its harder, more combat-oriented edge.  One set of reviewers have yet to be heard from,

Why the Welfare State is Good for National Defense

Should Social Security and Medicare be cut, to provide more money to the Pentagon?  The idea that entitlements like Social Security and Medicare should be slashed, in order to free more resources for the Pentagon and other national security agencies, is sometimes found on the center-right.  Entitlements for the middle class and defense spending are the two biggest components of the federal budget, and it might seem logical that cutting the former could free resources for the latter.  But those who hold this view fail to understand the economics and politics of modern industrial society.

Why Rand Paul Should Worry about 'America in Retreat'

Kentucky’s junior Senator, Rand Paul, announced his candidacy for President of the United States on Tuesday.  Senator Paul is young, energetic and one of the genuinely nice guys in American politics.  His positions on cutting the staggering federal debt by taming “Big Government” and curbing the NSA’s surveillance of law abiding Americans are attractive to Republicans, Independents and even many Democrats.

ISIS Is Commiting War Crimes on the Internet

The videos disseminated online by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of the murder of captured persons have become grisly icons of this group’s infamy. These depictions of the slaughter of individuals and groups contain evidence of the Islamic State’s commission of crimes under international law. But these videos are more than digital records of war crimes. The videos themselves violate the law of armed conflict and constitute war crimes.

The Atrocity Videos

Iran: All About the Nukes?

Imagine a fistfight between a National Football League lineman and say, a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. Imagine the lineman, after effortlessly decking the Senior Fellow, offering a second round, but with one key difference: each fighter would be armed with a .38 Special. Why, you may ask, would the football behemoth offer to level the playing field in such a potentially fatal manner?