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FACT: America Actually 'Invaded' Russia after World War I

A century ago this year, the October Revolution in Russia would herald the establishment of the Soviet Union and the rise of communism as a global movement. However, the Bolsheviks’ power play resulted in years of warfare, civil and otherwise, with the remnants of the White Russian provisional government, their supporters amongst the Allied powers and rampaging local warlords across the vastness of imperial Russia.

5 Ways the U.S. Navy Could Destroy North Korea in a War

North Korea, located on a peninsula, has more than 1,500 miles of coastline. This naturally gives both Koreas a maritime outlook, but also makes them both vulnerable to military action from the sea. Most major cities and towns are located on the country’s west and east coasts, and no point in the entire country is more than 130 miles from the sea. In the event of war with North Korea, the United States Navy will be particularly useful in—ideally—bringing war to a swift conclusion. Here are five U.S. Navy weapons that would be indispensable in such a conflict.

This Was Russia's Master Plan to Destroy Nazi Germany Forever

During the last half of 1944, the Wehrmacht in the east had been forced to cede just about everything it had conquered since the beginning of the war against the Soviet Union in June 1941. Suffering appalling losses, German forces were compelled to abandon the Ukraine and most of the land in the Baltic States. By the end of the year, Soviet troops had knocked Bulgaria and Romania out of the war, and Finland had also sued for peace. The Soviets had also occupied a large area of Hungary and Poland and were standing inside the border of East Prussia.