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The Skripal Controversy: A Guide for the Perplexed

Hindsight in the Skripal affair is proving to be much less than twenty-twenty.  More than a month after the ex-Russian spy and his daughter were discovered slumped on a park bench in Salisbury, things are getting murkier rather than clearer about what actually happened and who was behind it.

The Shocking Story of How One of the Navy's Most Legendary Aircraft Carriers Was Sunk

Lady Lex had suffered grievous damage, but still managed to launch additional CAPs and recover all of its aircraft by 2 p.m. However, at noon, the fires started when leaking gas vapors caused a store of aviation gasoline to erupt in a huge explosion, and a chain reaction of additional blasts slowly consumed the ship throughout the afternoon. One explosion blew the elevator a foot above the flight deck, and by 4 p.m. the below decks area became entirely uninhabitable.

Will the Marines Get the Sniper Rifle They Need?

Based on Marine officials’ comments, interim testing of the CSASS may help the Corps finally figure out appropriate requirements for future sniper systems — like, say, being able to fire on your target from beyond their effective range. But in the meantime, scout snipers may have to grin and bear yet another imperfect weapons system for their next plunge into America’s forever wars.

The New B-21 Stealth Bomber (and Old B-52) Will Be Armed with a Nuclear Cruise Missile

The Air Force and industry have begun early prototyping and design work on the emerging Long Range Stand Off weapon nuclear-armed cruise missile, set to enter into a new phase of construction by 2022, service officials said.

Due to emerging nuclear weapons threats, the Air Force now envisions an operational LRSO by the end of the 2020s - as opposed to prior thoughts that it may not be ready until the 2030s.

Air Force officials tell Warrior Maven that plans to move into the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase are on track for 2022.

Why Syria Should Fear Israel's Own F-35I

The F-35A might not be the only variant Israel purchases. In 2015, it was revealed the country was considering adding the F-35B, the vertical-takeoff-and-landing version of the jet, to the Israeli Air Force’s inventory. The missile threat posed by Israel’s neighbors, particularly Hezbollah, could temporarily shut down Israeli air bases across the country in wartime. The ability to disperse fighters to secret locations where they could use helicopter landing pads and stretches of freeway to take off and land is an attractive prospect.

What Is the Best Gun for Self Defense?: Semi-Automatic vs. Revolver

A handgun is a dangerous weapon designed to kill people. That said, it is also merely a tool, and there are some situations in which it is the only tool that can effectively respond to a dangerous situation. One of the most valuable skills a handgun owner can possess is the ability to think clearly in a stressful situation and refrain from using force. The times when force is absolutely, positively necessary will be exceedingly rare, but readily apparent.

China's Military Is Dangerous (And It Makes Some Deadly Firearms)

As it gradually does in all fields of armaments, China is proclaiming its independence from foreign weapon and ammunition designs with a range of modern weaponry. These weapons are a particular point of pride, as this is the first time in the modern era that China is fully supplied with indigenously designed and produced small arms. For the first time in decades, China’s borders are quiet, guarded by Chinese soldiers equipped with Chinese guns. Like the rest of China’s military revolution over the past quarter century, China’s small-arms revolution is a remarkable achievement.

Could the F-35 Go to War in Syria?

With the U.S. Marine Corps set to deploy its F-35B Joint Strike Fighter to U.S. Central Command’s (CENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR), Lockheed Martin’s stealthy new jump jet could make its combat debut over the Middle East as tensions ratchet up over Syria. Over the coming days, the United States could initiate hostilities with the Assad regime over a chemical weapons attack Damascus allegedly perpetuated in Douma earlier this month.