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Leonardo: A Strong Contender for the U.S. Air Force's Big T-X Program Contract?

Italian aerospace conglomerate Leonardo submitted its bid for the United States Air Force’s T-X advanced jet trainer program in March. The company will submit its flight data for its T-100 aircraft—a derivative of the M-346 Master advanced jet trainer—by the end of this month. Leonardo is going head-to-head against Lockheed Martin’s T-50A and a new Boeing design that was custom designed for the Air Force contest.

This Was the Exact Day the Battleship Became Completely Obsolete

Military technological revolutions rarely happen all at one time; they generally result from the evolution of several unrelated trends that “suddenly” result in new military realities. This was surely the case of the transition from battleship to aircraft carrier; notwithstanding Billy Mitchell’s offenses against the captured German battleship Ostfriesland, aircraft of the interwar period generally lacked the capacity to destroy modern battleships under steam.

This Is How Israel's Air Force Dominates the Middle East

In its early years, Israel took what weapons it could from what buyers it could find. This meant that the IDF often operated with equipment of a variety of vintages, mostly secured from European producers. By the late 1950s, however, Israel had secured arms transfer relationships with several countries, most notably the United Kingdom and France. The relationship with France eventually blossomed, resulting in the transfer of high-technology military equipment, including Mirage fighters (and also significant technical assistance for Israel’s nuclear program).

How Russia Could Win a War in the Arctic

Over the past decade, nations bordering on the Arctic have found themselves with a big new security problem. The melting of the arctic ice has opened up shipping lanes and opportunities for the exploitation for undersea resources, but has also exposed vulnerabilities for countries that have long considered their northern frontier secure.

Is Donald Trump Channeling George Kennan?

In his own way, Trump may be fulfilling the long held ambition of George Kennan on the world order. And while the transition is risky, it may ultimately be for the best. To see why, we need to realise just how different US policy is today compared with the vision of the man credited with its post-war creation.

Mattis is "Shocked" by U.S. Military Readiness Crisis

Like frustrated constituents at a town hall meeting, Pentagon officials Monday night expressed deep disappointment at Congress, for failing to do its job.

The men and women of the U.S. military give it all for their country, but can’t count on their government to provide stable funding, lamented Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in testimony to the House Armed Services Committee (HASC).

The Forgotten Reason Nazi Germany Never Built a Killer Battleship Fleet

Dönitz was right—the mere possibility of a German battleship sortie forced the Royal Navy to devote disproportionately large forces in reserve just to protect against the threat. This is a strategy known as having a “fleet in being.” Even if the Germans couldn’t use their surface fleet, they could tie down British forces and constrict their strategy with the threat that they might use theirs if the British let down their guard.