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What to Expect from North Korea in the Olympics

The Olympics highlight could be the insult marathon. Contestants would run the usual 26.2 miles, while spewing vicious slurs at one another. The participants would be judged not on racing speed, but on number, creativity, and harshness of their epitaphs. Unique and esoteric nastiness would be preferred, but insults would have to be suitable for publication around the world.

Those who have criticized North Korea’s participation in the upcoming game ignore the obvious benefits. By simply seeming to reduce tensions on the peninsula, the competition will place another obstacle in the Trump administration’s dangerous race to war. Moreover, the Olympics has an opportunity to add a series of timely and interesting events. How better to ensure a large and engaged television audience around the globe?

Doug Bandow is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. He is the author of Tripwire: Korea and U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changed World. and co-author of The Korean Conundrum: America’s Troubled Relations with North and South Korea.

Image: Reuters


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