The Skeptics

Libertarianism and Restraint

My friend and former Cato Institute colleague Matthew Fay recently published a paper on libertarian foreign policy, available online at Matt’s new intellectual home, The Niskanen Center. It is a thorough and well-written paper. He raises a number of issues about U.S. foreign policy that should be of interest to a wide audience, well beyond the relatively small circle of self-described libertarians.

Attacking Terrorism Overseas May Debilitate America's Military

The evidence is unambiguous and painfully clear: The notion that we can fight terrorists “over there so we don’t have to face them in the United States of America” is a manifestly flawed premise that has failed to keep our nation safe.

International terrorists do pose a legitimate threat to the U.S. homeland, and our government’s primary function is to keep us safe—but we must fight terrorism correctly and effectively.

Libya Is a Failed State (and It's America's Fault)

When the Obama administration led a 2011 NATO military intervention on behalf of rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi, there was considerable optimism that the move would produce a much better country. Although U.S. officials and their media cheerleaders acknowledged that significant challenges remained for a post-Qaddafi Libya, they argued that the outcome could scarcely be worse than the oppressive status quo. Events over the past six years have proven their assumptions spectacularly wrong. Libya is now a cauldron of turmoil and Islamic radicalism.

Endless War Is No Honor to America's Veterans

Veterans Day has passed. The annual ritual never changes. Politicians who didn’t serve in the armed services start unnecessary wars, killing military personnel whose sacrifices are then lauded. Officials say these heroes died defending our freedom. That is almost always a lie.

America vs. North Korea: Can a Brutal War be Avoided?

For logical and traceable reasons, the chances of war on the Korean peninsula have moved beyond “possible” and now solidly into “likely” territory. The combined actions, decisions, and positions of Presidents George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump, along with North Korean dictators Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un, have perversely created a no-win situation in which war may now be unavoidable––a tragic and avoidable situation for which hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans, South Koreas, and Japanese may pay with their lives.