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Exclusive: On the Front Lines Facing ISIS

I have written many times in this space on the evolving situation in Iraq regarding the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). In large part my analysis pieces have been based on the experience gained through my two-plus decades of military service, including four combat deployments (two of which were in Iraq). But for this contemporary situation I have been reliant on reports by journalists on the ground. In the early March, I traveled to Iraq to find out first-hand what the conditions were like in and around the site of the next big fight: the battle for Mosul.

Trump’s Message to the DC Foreign-Policy Establishment: 'You’re Fired!'

I had the opportunity to attend GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump’s foreign-policy speech at DC’s Mayflower Hotel, courtesy of the good folks here at The National Interest. I left with more questions than answers, but one above all others: After Trump fires all the members of the DC foreign-policy establishment, who will be left to craft what he promised would be “a new foreign-policy direction for our country”?

Dump Our Double-Dealing, Thuggish 'Allies'

It is questionable enough for the United States to maintain its network of alliances in a world without a superpower threat to its security. Indeed, one could argue that even during the Cold War, the United States was the most secure great power in history. How many other great powers ever enjoyed the luxury of two oceanic moats on its flanks and nothing more than weak and friendly neighbors on its other borders? Most confronted geostrategic situations that did not even faintly resemble such a benign environment.

5 Ways to Respond If North Korea Tests Another Nuke

In January North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in the face of universal international protest. Even China, Pyongyang’s one nominal ally, joined in the criticism.

With Beijing’s support the United Nations imposed new sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The U.S. and its allies warned Pyongyang of further isolation if the DPRK continued to flout the will of the international community.