The Skeptics

The Plight of Christians in Iraq

The ruinous financial and geopolitical impacts of the Iraq war are many. Even worse are the devastating humanitarian consequences—more than 4,400 American and 300 allied personnel killed, hundreds of dead American contractors, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and more maimed and wounded, and four million Iraqis displaced from their homes, half of them overseas.

The Incredible Shrinking Militaries of Europe

 Great Britain ceased to be a great power when it emerged from World War II militarily victorious but financially ruined. Nevertheless, it still tried to play the part, punching “above its weight in the world,” as Prime Minister David Cameron put it. As such, it has been America’s strongest military ally.

Military Adventures That Weren’t

Micah Zenko has a good time on Foreign Policy’s website mocking the crazy, unimplemented, ideas U.S. civilians have had for military adventures in the last half century.

He doesn’t do much to discuss why the suggestions were dumb, unfortunately, but it’s worth reading both for amusement and in the spirit of knowing people’s track record.

United States to Iran: “Step Aside, Please”

Those pesky Iranians are at it again:

Iran confirmed on Tuesday it was helping with the reconstruction of Afghanistan, even though it had originally denied reports it had given "bags of money" to its war-devastated neighbor.

On Monday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the country had received money from several "friendly countries" and specifically named the United States and Washington's diplomatic adversary, Iran, describing the money as a "transparent" form of aid.

“Socialism,” Republican Style

There’s been a lot of talk on the right in recent months about President Obama’s “socialist” policies. While much of that talk seems overheated, so does the furious pushback from the left. Would President Obama’s domestic policies really be so out of step in what in Europe would be called a “Social Democratic” party? I don’t think so.