The Skeptics

Does America Really Need Overseas Bases?

In the ongoing debate over U.S. grand strategy, one of the key points of discussion is the strategic utility of permanently stationing American forces abroad. Overseas U.S. bases are often thought to be the frontline forces in any outbreak of conflict. We must continue to maintain an indefinite global military base presence, we are told, so that if conflict erupts in any critical region, our forces can get there quickly to stabilize the situation. But a forward-deployed posture has lost much of its operational value in terms of contingency responsiveness. 

3 Wars the Next President Must Avoid

With all of the process stories, rumors of Republicans bolting from the Trump campaign and ongoing revelations of Donald Trump’s history with women, it’s more than easy for Americans to overlook the most important question when deciding on which candidate would be a better commander-in-chief: would you be comfortable or confident in allowing this person to decide single-handedly whether to send young Americans to war?

The Pentagon Must Stop Abusing the War Budget

After years of claiming that the war budget has been limited to paying for the costs of foreign conflicts, the Pentagon has finally admitted that it has been using that account to pay for tens of billion of dollars in costs that have nothing to do with fighting wars.  This budget shell game has been particularly egregious in recent years, as the Pentagon has sought to evade the caps on non-war spending that were imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The Obama Administration Needs to Stop Fueling the War in Yemen

If the United States Government required more concrete evidence that war crimes are being committed in Yemen on a near daily basis, then last weekend’s reported Saudi airstrike on a building full of mourners should finally put the debate to rest. The attack, which health officials in the Yemeni capital say was caused by three or four missiles fired on the funeral compound, killed approximately 140 people and left over 500 others wounded.