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Leave Iraq to the Iraqis

Many advocates of promiscuous military intervention angrily reject the claim that America is an “empire.” Granted, the U.S. doesn’t directly rule its imperial dependents. But Washington policymakers do insist on maintaining a military presence wherever and whenever possible, irrespective of America’s defense needs.

Rep. Forbes: Right Questions, Wrong Answers

Necessary reductions in military spending are finally coming...probably. It’s not surprising, then, that those who want to prevent these cuts are louder than ever. Yesterday’s hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’s Readiness Subcommittee, headed by Chairman Randy Forbes (R-VA), was a prime example. Forbes, with a group of military vice chiefs as his chorus, declared that efforts to cut the defense budget would result in the “slow dismantlement of the greatest military in the world.”

China Feeling Its Oats

News reports indicate that in late June, China sent two Su-27s across the middle line—the de facto partition between China and Taiwan—in pursuit of an American U-2 spy plane. There are conflicting details about what actually transpired.

Waltz on the State of Things Today

The excellent Theory Talks website has an interview with Kenneth Waltz that may be of interest to Skeptics readers. For those who follow Waltz’s writing closely, there may not be much new there, but here are a few highlights to encourage you to have a look:

Waltz on the “central challenge or principal debate in international relations” today:

For me, the central question is how to contain and moderate the use of military force by the United States…