The Skeptics

Does ISIS Even Have a European Strategy?

With the bombers dead and investigations just a week old, the motives behind last week’s bombings in Brussels’ airport and metro will remain murky for some time. Of course, reporters and terrorism analysts have offered lots of speculation, much of it focused on how the attacks serve the agenda of ISIS’s leaders. That approach, I believe, overstates ISIS’s coherence and wisdom.

Do Military Leaders Deserve Our Trust?

The preamble to America’s most treasured document, the Declaration of Independence, declares that US citizens have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights, our Founders designed a government that derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed.” Much of Capitol Hill has long disregarded the views and opinions of the governed when formulating policy and legislation.

How to Strangle ISIS with Diplomacy

Prior to the horrific terror attack in Brussels, Ohio governor and Presidential candidate John Kasich said that to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS), the United States must deploy troops “in significant numbers” on the ground “and in the air both in Syria and Iraq. And at some point, we will have to deal with Libya.” It seems intuitive: the battle against ISIS using only airpower has thus far proven inconclusive.

Is it Time for America to Quit NATO?

NATO will celebrate its sixty-seventh anniversary in April. Instead of being an occasion for the usual expression of mind-numbing clichés about the alliance’s enduring importance both to U.S. security and world peace, it should become an opportunity for a long overdue assessment of whether the NATO commitment truly serves America’s best interests in the twenty-first century. There is mounting evidence that it does not.

Does Trump Have a Foreign Policy?

The 2016 Republican primary elections in the United States has not only defied all expectations, but has also made mince-meat out of the business of making political predictions. The political pundits that Americans so often recognize on television, whether Democratic or Republican, liberal or conservative, have either been exposed as fools toting the conventional line or partisans hoping that a bombastic self-marketer will crater and lose his chances at winning the Republican nomination.