The Skeptics

Paul's Exit Hurts the GOP's Foreign Policy Debate

Once upon a time Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, was seen by a number of Republican pollsters and political strategists as a viable candidate for the presidency. His unconventional brand of “get off my back” libertarianism, non-interventionist foreign policy and privacy-rights advocacy earned him the respect and admiration of college students and younger voters—precisely the constituency that the GOP has had trouble attracting during recent presidential election cycles.

The Case Against More U.S. Military Advisors

One of the hallmarks of America’s strategy to help friendly militaries successfully fend off rebels or insurgents has been providing U.S. military advisors and trainers. In recent years we have sent trainers and advisors into Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, and to numerous “moderate rebel” groups in Syria. The belief behind this practice is that sending U.S. advisors to train other nations’ militaries reduces the need to send U.S. service members to fight overseas while improving the capabilities of the foreign troops.