The Skeptics

Israel and Palestine Can Move Forward—But Not with Idealists

In addition being America’s glorious capital, Washington, DC is a town jam-packed with think tanks of all ideologies and political persuasions. The men and women who work in them, often categorized in the news media as former government officials and ivory tower academics, churn out dozens of reports on a weekly basis on every topic under the sun—from welfare and immigration reform to changes in the National Security Council.

Obama Must Ignore the Call to Increase Troops in Afghanistan

Earlier this month, a group of well-known retired generals and former diplomats sent the president an open letter encouraging him to extend U.S. military operations—yet again—in Afghanistan. The document exploits fear, distorts evidence and employs flawed logic in an attempt to influence the White House and the American public. If their recommendations are implemented, perpetual failure in Afghanistan would become official policy.

Should Britain Listen to America's Brexit Lectures?

We are told that God is concerned when even a sparrow falls to earth—and apparently, so is Washington. It seems that there is no event around the globe with which America is not concerned, including the possibility of a British withdrawal from the European Union. The United States is not a member of the EU (which is surprising, given Washington’s propensity to join most every international organization created). Americans are not subject to the EU’s dictates (which is also surprising, given the enthusiasm in Washington for intrusive, needless regulation).

How Much Longer Will Afghanistan Need America?

Last week in these pages, some of the most accomplished and well-respected members of the U.S. military and diplomatic service wrote an open letter to President Obama with some straightforward advice: please keep the full contingent of 9,800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan in place so the next Commander-in-Chief (whoever that might be) has more flexibility to make an informed decision. Withdrawing to 5,500 U.S.