The Skeptics

Why Foreign Leaders Attack Donald Trump

In a campaign season full of surprises, one that deserves particular comment is what foreign leaders are saying about Donald Trump. Public officials traditionally avoid weighing in on such matters. Few wish to be seen as meddling in another country’s political affairs. This year, however, quite a number have been particularly outspoken in their criticism of Trump.

A few examples:

- Then-British Prime Minister David Cameron said late last year that Trump’s remarks about a Muslim travel ban were “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

Would America Really Go to War Over the South China Sea?

What would America do if China starts to build an island base on Scarborough Shoal, declares an ADIZ over the Spratlys, or in some other way plainly takes steps to strengthen still further its grip on the South China Sea in defiance of international law and American demands?  President Obama ought to think about this very carefully as he visits China for the last time as President, because it has become the question that will define the future of the US-China relationship.

What the World Can Learn from Colombia's FARC Deal

The world is a violent, awful, insecure and threatening place. That is the conclusion that one usually gets from events overseas: the wanton killing of civilians, unnecessary deaths from acts of terrorism, beheadings, car bombings, coups, purges and human-rights violations. A large swath of the world, from northeastern Nigeria through Pakistan, is either fully engaged in an armed conflict or is suffering from the kind of violence that goes above and beyond common criminality.

The Coming Fiscal Tsunami Dooms America's Global Empire

Those who dream of a permanent American imperium dismiss any difficulties or challenges. The U.S. remains strong, other nations aren’t likely to overtake America.

Most important, with work, Washington can maintain its military edge. So what if Americans have to sacrifice to sustain the force structure necessary to impose Washington’s will on other states? It is Uncle Sam’s destiny to rule the globe. People should cheerfully pay.

Is the World Really Getting More Dangerous for America?

Senator Lindsey Graham famously announced that the world is “literally about to blow up.” Is this an accurate statement, or is the senator contributing to threat inflation? In partnership with The Center for the National Interest, the Charles Koch Institute gathered leading foreign policy experts to address the most important questions of the day, including: Is the world getting more dangerous for the United States?

East Asia's Politics Go West

One of the (many) ironies of Donald Trump’s emergence is the general dislike for him in East Asia, especially among American allies, who clearly want Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. After all, “Trumpism” actually reflects fairly accurately the practice of how much of East Asia is governed. To be sure, East Asian elites are not much like Trump himself—thankfully. They are businesslike (to the point of leaden), not prone to outbursts, far more serious and well versed, and so on.